哪里能买球 Dresses are a simple statement piece, but the sheer amount of dresses available can become quite daunting. Thankfully, we've boiled them down into their own sections so you can easily find the dress of your dreams - in record time too. Our dresses edit encapsulates all the different types of dresses on offer including leopard print dresses, floral dresses and polka dot dresses. To go with your stunning new boots, opt for a long sleeve dress. If it's date night, an evening dress will work wonders. And, if it's for a night on the town, a party dress will make you the talk of the town. Discover our types of dresses:


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Womens Dresses

Which Dress should I wear and When?

There are many types of occasions where a stylish dress can come in handy but finding your dream dress for the right occasion can be tricky and frustrating. Thankfully the Oasis Dresses edit has boiled down all dress types into different sections to put you on the right dress path.

  • What is a shift dress? - To put it plainly: a shift dress is a short dress that hangs straight down from your shoulders and consists of clean, straight lines and is usually sleeveless.
  • What is an a-line dress? - An A-line dress consists of a triangular silhouette and isn't actually exclusive to dresses - it can be used for skirts, coats or any item with the shape in question. Usually, a-line dresses are fitted at the top and wider at the bust.
  • What is a skater dress? - Not to be confused with an a-line dress, but we would understand if you did, a skater dress is a contemporary version of an a-line dress with a shorter length.
  • What is a midi dress? - the name midi dress is actually quite self-explanatory. Midi dresses sit between mini dresses and maxi dresses in terms of length and fall below the knee and above the ankle.
  • What is a maxi dress? - A maxi dress is the longest type of dress you can get, unlike mini and midi dresses, a maxi dress falls elegantly on top of your feet and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your specific body shape.

Patterned Dresses

During the warmer months and for special occasions, patterned dresses are a must. They compliment your stunning figure, offer a unique colour scheme and are very stylish.

哪里能买球Floral dresses can consist of roses, petals or any type of flower or plant - it will be hot either way. You can throw on a floral dress for a stunning day to night vibe, which can take you from office to night out with ease.

Another fantastic trend is leopard print dresses - a great take on animal prints which can either be a great conservative dress or used as a party dress.

If you're looking for a great summer dress, throw on a polka dot dress. Polka dots will never get old and the best part about this design is that they can literally be worn anywhere!

How to wear dresses in winter

As winter approaches, we're asked this more and more, but it's quite a tricky question to answer as there are so many ways. This includes, wearing additional long sleeve layers underneath, wear tights, wear taller boots and carefully style out a warm scarf.

On top of this, as the weather gets colder, you may be more inclined to try a pair of warm boots哪里能买球 instead of sandals or trainers with your dress, but you may start asking yourself: how to wear boots with dresses? Luckily boots are actually seasonless thanks to their timeless and sturdy design. We recommend opting for ankle boots for a midi dress